Apps For Hair And Beauty Salons
Designed to enhance your relationship between you and your customers, our AppKiddo App for Hair & Beauty Salons will enable you to communicate like never before. Easy bookings, quick messages and promotions are in your pockets! Expand your crowd over social media, keep and grow your customers loyalty with a wide range of rewards and store your important data like your contact information and comments. Demonstrate your style and creations, promote your services and sell products right from inside your app on your customers devices!

Mobile App Features

  • Supports iPhone, iPad, Android & HTML5
  • Booking On The Go
  • Photos Sharing & Gallery
  • Special Offers
  • Loyalty Tab Feature
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Mobile Shop Feature
  • QR Coupon Feature

Connect with us now for your free App Preview! In no time we design, personalize and integrate your Hair & Beauty Salon related features into your App. Next we’ll contact you to showcase Your Personalized App For Hair & Beauty Salons. This all for free and without any commitment. Fill in the form today!