Apps For Golf Clubs
Stir up passion with AppKiddo’s Golf Course App! Showcase your special deals and pictures, promote your membership and sponsors, send invitations for your events or games and offer valuable tips.  As a great way to substantially enhance the efficiency and the quality of your service offered to your precious members, your AppKiddo App will also allow to share scores and experiences in a convenient and “green” way.

Mobile App Features

  • Supports iPhone, iPad, Android & HTML5
  • Loyalty Card Feature
  • Schedule & Events Features
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Score Card, Tips & Course Cam Feature
  • Weather Feature
  • Golf Tips & QRScanner Features
  • Promotions Features
Ask for your free App Preview today! In no time we design, personalize and integrate your Golf Course related features into your App. Next we’ll contact you to showcase Your Personalized Golf Course App. This all for free and without any commitment. Come and get it Now!